Guide Gorilla Society: Conflict, Compromise, and Cooperation Between the Sexes

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Summary Introduction 8.

Evidence for avoidance of inbreeding 8. Incest in gorillas: Inbreeding is not always avoided 8.

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Minimal costs to inbreeding? Food and society 9. Association as a Means of Access to Females. Gorillas cannot be territorial as a mate access strategy Gorillas cannot roam, but must associate permanently. Predation, Infanticide, and Association with Females Conclusion A robust model, and therefore the right answer? Added variations Are female strategies irrelevant to males? Figure Details. Gorilla society as a one-male mating system The reproductive payoffs of infanticide Male competitive tactics: Mate acquisition versus mate retention and offspring protection.

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Contests during interunit encounters Why are there no male takeovers? The influence of females on the stability of male-female associations. Breeding success and mating competition: The importance of being dominant Mating competition and male-female interactions: Coercion and mate-guarding.

Female choice and male mating competition Long-term reproductive strategies.

Gorilla Society

The wooing of females by subordinate males Control of female aggression. Breeding tenure and number of mates Why dominant males tolerate younger rivals? Staying versus dispersing Reproductive payoffs of different male strategies Why leave? Ecological constraints on group size, male mating competition, and male emigration Interaction of male and female strategies and the perpetuation of group structure Lower risk of infanticide.

Demographic influences on mating competition Familiarity and relatedness between males and females of different groups. Summary Gorilla Society: Conflict, Compromise, and Cooperation Gorilla Society Yesterday Gorilla Society Today Gorilla and Primate Society Tomorrow.

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Phylogeny, environment, and society? Diet, competition, cooperation, and grouping? Frugivore-folivore differences Cooperation Some methodology.

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Number of males per group Intergroup aggression and kinship Duration of male tenure. The fate of dispersers? Within-species community structure? Sexual selection, environment, and society: Predation versus infanticide? Schemas, quantification, modeling, and experiments? Categorization, quantification, and definition Modeling Summary Introduction How Much?

The Red List classification of the gorilla Share This Paper. Citations Publications citing this paper. Weaned age variation in the Virunga mountain gorillas Gorilla beringei beringei : influential factors Winnie Eckardt , Katie A. Fawcett , Alison W. Reaction to allospecific death and to an unanimated gorilla infant in wild western gorillas: insights into death recognition and prolonged maternal carrying Shelly Masi. Validating faecal glucocorticoid metabolite analysis in the Virunga mountain gorilla using a natural biological stressor Winnie Eckardt , Tara S.

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Share Give access Share full text access. Share full text access. Please review our Terms and Conditions of Use and check box below to share full-text version of article. Abstract Science is fairly certain that the gorilla lineage separated from the remainder of the hominoid clade about eight million years ago, 2 , 4 and that the chimpanzee lineage and hominin clade did so about a million years after that.