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Most businesses follow regular opening hours in the United States.

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On the direction of the President, the flag of the United States of America should be displayed on the homes of Americans, the White House and all United States government buildings. The flag should be flown at half-mast to honor those who died in the attack on Pearl Harbor. Many associations, especially those linked with Pearl Harbor survivors or those who died from the attack, participate in special services to commemorate the event.

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Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day is not a federal holiday. Government offices, schools, businesses and other organizations do not close. Public transit systems run on their regular schedules. Some organizations may hold special events in memory of those killed or injured in Pearl Harbor. The attack came as a surprise to the American Army and Navy and lead to great losses of life and equipment.

December 7, 1941

More than American citizens were killed and more than were injured. The Americans also lost a large proportion of their battle ships and nearly aircraft that were stationed in the Pacific region. More than 60 Japanese servicemen were killed, injured or captured. The Japanese Navy also lost five midget submarines and 29 aircraft. The Japanese military had hoped that the attack on Pearl Harbor would prevent the United States of America from increasing her influence in the Pacific.

Shortly afterwards, Germany also declared war on the United States. This is also known as the Pearl Harbor Survivor's Medal and can be awarded to any veteran of the United States military who were present in or around Pearl Harbor during the attack by the Japanese military.

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The medal can be awarded to civilians, who were killed or injured in the attack. Memorials have been built to remember or to symbolize the day. Miller helped move the wounded Captain to safety and then operated a Browning.

As the ship sank Miller also helped move wounded sailors to the upper deck, saving countless lives. Some US airmen were even able to get their aircraft into the sky while their runways were under attack. Taylor and George Welch had been sleeping after a late-night Christmas party when they heard the sounds of explosions and machine gun fire.

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Still wearing their tuxedoes from the night before, they raced to their waiting aircraft. Together they shot down seven Japanese aircraft and were both awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, the second highest award for gallantry in the US Army Air Corps at the time.

Before the attack on Pearl Harbour the United States had been supporting Allied forces with weapons and supplies, under the Lend-Lease Agreement , but many in the country were reluctant to enter the war.

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The day after the attack, President Franklin D. Roosevelt delivered a speech to the United States Congress urging for a formal declaration of war against Japan. War was declared an hour later, bringing the United States into the Second World War and unifying the country behind the war effort. A view of the attack on Pearl Harbour from Pearl City.

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Smoke rises from Battleship Row after the explosion of USS Arizona and the sky is filled with debris and anti-aircraft fire. Adrian Kerrison. Friday 2 February