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Find product information, project ideas and news in our Blog, view Safety Data Sheets, or link to our social media sites. Take a look George Weil offers schools, colleges and professional craft tutors special discount terms when they buy art and craft supplies. Find out more Registered number: This website requires cookies to provide all of its features. For more information on what data is contained in the cookies, please see our Privacy Policy page. To accept cookies from this site, please click the Allow button below. Minimum order quantity - 1 Quantity: Add to Cart. Description Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques by Nancie M Wiseman A ring bound book that covers, with good photographs and line drawings all of the tricks for casting on different knits, increasing and decreasing the fabric, moving on to a full set of stitches for binding off and for seaming and joining the garment, making pockets and buttonholes and much more.

Save with George Weil Save while you shop. Kaffe Fasset is one of the most popular and influential figures in knitting today. His designs, masterpieces of rhythm, pattern, and colour, are in great demand and serve as creative inspiration to knitters around the world. Each pattern is fully graphed, has clear instructions, and most can be made for and worn with equal success by men and women.

All include a full colour picture, detailed knitting instructions and a colour chart. Legendary designer Kaffe Fassett returns to readers with his first knitting book in a decade! Known by millions of knitters who cherish his intricate designs, unique color palette, and bold graphic aesthetic, Kaffe Fassett reinvents 24 of his most beloved patterns in this long-awaited book. Worked in rich, subtle palettes and soft new Rowan yarns, Kaffe's updated classics appear perfectly at home among Charleston's huge collection of paintings and lithographs and the soft, warm tones of Bell's studio.

From a fresco-palette shawl that pays homage to the lovely colors of Charleston House or a Moody Blues cushion adapted from one of Kaffe's Scottish Tweed sweaters, to a unisex V-neck that mimics the natural hues of a stony beach and a geometric-patterned Gridlock throw inspired by an ancient carpet, all of the 24 projects in Kaffe Knits Again reflect the color-conscious, fearless pattern-work that has elevated Kaffe's knits to the status of art. While Kaffe's designs are striking, they need not intimidate beginning knitters; Kaffe has included several that use only two colors per row and large-sized needles.

Plus, helpful black-and-white line drawings and easy-to-follow directions will guide even novice knitters along Kaffe's knitting dreamscape. Projects in this book include: "Crisscross" pullover. Kaffe Fassett is one of the premiere knitters in the world, renowned for his colorwork, who shares his vision of the craft in his frequent lecture tours, exhibitions, and television appearances. Though a native Californian, Kaffe has lived in London for nearly 40 years.

His work reflects his belief that anyone can participate and enjoy the creative process involved in knitting, needlepoint, mosaic-making, and patchwork. Patterns from more than two decades of Knitter's Magazine are presented in this collection of irresistible hand knits for boys and girls. The designs represent a selection of the best the magazine has to offer from its back issues, some of which have been largely unavailable since first published.

Ranging in skill from beginner to prize winner, knitters can outfit young ones from head to toe with hats, socks, and everything in between. In addition to photos of finished projects, detailed illustrations guide knitters through each part of the more complicated steps, and the techniques used in the designs are explained in a handy appendix.

The outfits are styled to fit and flatter children from ages two through 10, and whether it's dresses, cardigans, or caps, the playful patterns in this showcase will keep the purl rolling. This is the latest book in the Knitter's Dozen series from Knitter's Magazine. In this all-new and adorable collection, renowned knitwear designer Debbie Bliss presents a colourful array of sweaters, smocks, slippers, hats, booties, and soft toys, all in the spirit of a farmyard jamboree. Complete with full step-by step instructions and charts designed for all skill levels, and a full-colour photograph of each finished project, the patterns feature traditional country favorites including ducklings, lambs, cows, geese, piglets, chicks, and hens, along with American folk-art designs.

All of the projects feature the hand-crafted details and practical wear-ability that make Bliss's designs the perennial favorite of kids and knitters alike. This book includes 40 of the winning designs, from colourful sweaters to fun toys, all for children. As with Socks Socks Socks , another compilation of winning contest entry designs, this is a great way to celebrate the wonderful talent that so many knitters have.

Each of the designs in this book are coded as "Experienced", "Intermediate", "Advanced Beginner", "Beginner" or "Easy" with most being in the "Intermediate" category. All of the finished garments are shown in colour photographs and detailed instructions for multiple sizes are provided along with charts when required. This booklet includes the winning entries in Interweave Knits Kids' Creations Knitting Contest - projects designed and knitted for kids by kids. Beginning with clear explanations and illustrations of the fundamentals of knitting, Kids Knit helps kids of all ages succeed with their knitting right from the start.

The winning entry for each contest category - toys, clothes for toys, accessories, useful things, not-so-useful things - is shown along with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions. Here's a great way to introduce your kids to this craft - and a lifetime of knitting enjoyment. Debbie Bliss, author of the enormously popular Baby Knits , presents more than 40 imaginative designs for hats and caps, scarves and mittens, socks and slippers as well as classic berets, shawls and fun animals with booties.

Busy knitters will enjoy these fast, easy projects to make for a new baby or a favorite child. Each pattern knits up quickly, uses hard-wearing, machine-washable yarns, and combines style with practicality. The crown hat is regal and you'll want the Christmas pudding hat and mittens 'til you see the reindeer hat, scarf, mittens and socks The book combines 35 pages of full page colour pictures of the finished items along with extensive instructions and patterns. In fifteen easy projects, from bouncy bean bags to a rolled-edge sweater, author and knitting expert Melanie Falick teaches kids of all ages how to knit.

Through step-by-step instructions and candy-colored illustrations, beginners learn the fundamentals: knitting tools, finger-knitting, and basic stitches such as knit, purl, mattress, overcast, embroidery, and stockinette.

Kids Knitting emphasizes fun in every step of the learning process. Sunny paintings by Kristin Nicholas illustrate the individual steps of each technique. Bright boxes of blues, greens, and reds explain everything from button-sewing to tassel-tying. Charming photographs by Chris Hartlove feature finished projects modeled by the creators themselves -- all kids who knit.

Best of all, kids get to keep and use whatever they make: bookmarks, backpacks, bracelets, even their own set of customized knitting needles, topped with acorn caps or polka dot balls. Kim Hargreaves, one of the knitting world's top new designers, has brought the chic, classical look back to knitwear with her unique combination of high style and distinctive flair.

Whether planning a weekend in the country or a night out on the town, there is something to suit every taste and occasion. For more glamorous pursuits, there are smart tailored waistcoats and sleek sophisticated dresses. All these exquisite garments are created in a range of subtle jewel colours, using heavy wool yarns or rich, lightweight mixtures of cotton and silks, often adorned with beads, and enhanced with stylish details to the collars, buttons, and cuffs. Kim employs a wide variety of techniques, including Fair Isle, intarsia, and stitch patterns, all of which are clearly explained in the book.

More than 80 specially commissioned full-colour photographs illustrate these superb designs against a backdrop of elegant living, and each pattern is accompanied by easy-to-follow instructions and charts to enable you to create your own designer knitwear, whatever your level of expertise. Geared to year old knitters and crocheters, this fun knitting guide from Vogue Knitting's knit.

Even those who have never touched needles and yarn will easily follow the detailed directions, which explain everything from winding up the skein of wool and making a slipknot to casting on, purling, and binding off. The book covers the basics of reading charts and schematics, doing simple stitches, getting the right yarn tension, understanding gauge, sizing to fit and fixing the inevitable mistakes. All the fundamentals are covered in clear language and in a logical progression. Two-thirds of the book covers knitting, one-third is crochet.

[NEW RELEASES] The Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques

There are patterns here for bags, iPod holders, legwarmers and string bikinis. The reader will also find unique features on recycling yarn, lotions to soothe cracked and dry hands, knitting happenings and cyber-groups to join, and even songs to keep you in "stitches" as you work. This book offers beginner-friendly knitting and crochet instructions with a creative twist. Targeting the new face of knitting - the hip, energized young knitters who are embracing yarn and needles with a passion.

If offers basic how-tos with an perspective that mirrors the lifestyle, interests and attitudes of this era.

Best Knitting Books

Looking for a fun-to-knit project that doesn't require a huge commitment of time and money? You'll want to try knitting a dishcloth! Our collection of twelve designs includes a colourful array of patterns and interesting shapes - there are square, a circle, a fisherman sweater and even a house. Not only do these dishcloths make quick work of kitchen cleanups, they are also wonderful conversation pieces!

Handy information concerning gauge, cotton yarn, working from charts as well as tables showing metric conversion, knitting needle sizing and abbreviations and symbols complete the work. Let Lily Chin take your handknitting and crochet to a whole new level! Lily's fashion-savvy designs have won her international acclaim and brought much-deserved attention to the innovative creations of "hip, young, urban knitters" like herself.

Drawing on her extremely popular bead knitting workshops, Lily presents separate chapters on stitch techniques for knitting and crochet including prestrung and hoisted-atop stitches, single- and double-crochet, and half-double crochet. The book includes a total of 16 techniques for knitting and crocheting with beads along with 13 knitting and 10 crochet projects as well as methods for mixing techniques. Each technique is then demonstrated with an exciting range of Lily's own masterful designs that feature a sparkling array of beads strategically nestled among the stitches.

Beaded projects are accompanied by easy, step-by-step instructions and illustrations, and include a cardigan sweater, lace and cabled tunic sweaters, a short-sleeve pullover and vest, and dazzling jewelry. Also shown are ways to mix techniques and add beaded accents to pockets, collars, scarves, socks, vests, and even pillows along with a special section devoted to designing your own creations. Knitters and crocheters of all skill levels will find inspiring projects and a feast of possibilities for one-of-a-kind garments and accessories. Discover the new texture and color of bead embellishment and jump-start your fiber and your imagination!

Make this Christmas one your family will remember for years to come by knitting new Christmas stockings for the entire clan! Nineteen fun, simple-to-follow patterns make it easy for even first-time knitters to create beautiful stockings - not to mention delightful knit and felt ornaments for the tree. With patterns to suit every member of the family even the dog and the cat , these Christmas stockings will look festive and fantastic hanging from your mantelpiece.

Each pattern includes full colour photographs of the finished designs as well as complete instructions with colour charts. Basic knitting instructions and tips along with diagrams are also provided. This book is written in the same style as the two book set that includes Knit Mittens!

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Half the fun of knitting is trying something new! This collection of a dozen dishcloths, each showcasing a different interesting stitch pattern, allows you to try your hand at patterns that may look challenging, but are easier than you may think. Using just a little worsted weight cotton yarn rather than enough yarn for a whole sweater , you can experiment with cables and twisted stitches in a small, but useful piece. Best of all, you'll have a collection of dishcloths that make wonderful hostess gifts or make washing your own dishes less of a chore.

In addition, the author provides information about gauge as well as a table of Abbreviations and Symbols, a Metric Conversion chart and a Knitting Needle Conversion chart. One of the greatest challenges you can face is finding the perfect edging or finishing for a project. With Knit Edgings and Trims , you have an abundance of edgings to choose from, including some never-before-seen edgings new to the updated Harmony Guides. This collection of knit edgings and trims offers both the novice and master knitter a delicious selection of stitches to intrigue and inspire.

As with all the Harmony Guides , this book is stitch-driven and concentrates on offering a diverse selection of patterns, chosen by knitters for knitters. The reader will find patterns for ribs, lace, appliques, braids, inserts, borders, fringes, ruffles, cords and more, all just waiting to be tried out. The reader can search for something specific or dip in to look for ideas and there's bound to be a pattern that catches the eye and makes fingers itch to knit.

Whether you're looking for a highly textured lace edge or to revamp a basic sweater silhouette with a unique edging, Knit Edgings and Trims is the perfect portable one-stop source for stitch inspiration. Run out of yarn before you finished knitting that fabulous sweater? Buttonholes won't hold your fancy buttons? Can't tell your knit stitch from your purl stitch? Don't just fix it, Knit Fix it! Knit Fix puts together all the guidance novice knitters need to become independent and all the advice experienced knitters need to take their projects to the next level.

Written in a conversational, approachable style, Knit Fix is the essential repair manual for knitters. It's all here-from the basics of what a stitch looks like to techniques for solving the toughest knitting problems. Author Lisa Kartus cheerfully teaches you to see and mend the errors of your knitting ways, with advice on what to do in case of a brain freeze, how to rescue a sweater gone horribly wrong, and when it's okay to let mistakes stand.

Knit Fix will teach you to assess your knitting philosophy, size buttonholes correctly, cast on and bind off, decipher charts, choose fibers and calculate yardage, tackle holes, join yarns, work with multicolor knitting, alter a finished piece, and customize a pattern to suit you perfectly. Personal stories about the author's own knitting challenges - like deforesting a sweater in a complicated pattern and what she did with the sweater that fit like a gorilla suit - will keep you laughing about your troubles. You'll perfect your knitting techniques, learn from your mistakes, and finesse your style.

No matter what your knitting dilemma, Knit Fix will make fixing all your problems a snap! Any style, any size, any gauge! Vicki Square's Knit Great Basics presents basic styles with contemporary fit. The reader can customize their choices with a variety of design options in eight different sizes, from child small to adult extra large. Each chapter in the book presents a garment style with design options and a defined schematic for all the yarn weights from fingering to bulky. Vicki's unique presentation of line schematics working in concert with text instructions gives quick access to a wealth of information.

Each size and style has a schematic page of its own with measurement and gauge information. The finished designs are shown in a group of colour pictures at the start of each chapter and a guide to techniques at the end of the book is illustrated using colour photographs. Wouldn't it be great if your favorite hobby also supported environmental sustainability? Now it can! Knit Green is filled with tons of ideas on everything you need to be a more environmentally conscious knitter.

You'll get a full exploration of green avenues and product options, including organically farmed fibers, non-animal yarns, alternative or recycled fibers and yarns, fair work and fair trade companies and programs, buying local, sustainable farming, and energy in yarn production. In addition to all this, the book includes 20 fashion-forward projects show you how to biodiversify your knitting style to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Creating a knit hat is a great way to experiment with new techniques while using up leftover yarn. Starting with basic shapes, author Nicky Epstein gives complete instructions for 25 marvelous hats for every occasion and teaches you the skills you need to design your own.

You will also learn techniques for embellishing your hat from making vines and leaves to pom-poms, bobbles, and cables. Knitting has never been so easy, or so much fun! Quick-reference instructional charts in this book are great for beginners as well as experienced knitters. The imaginative, colourful patterns inside it's covers include styles for everyone, from caps to berets to felted hats, as well as fun finishes and flourishes, such as pompoms, I-cords and tassels. This book is part of a two book set that also includes Knit Mittens! Because the rich palette flows through each book, knitters can mix and match hats and mittens to create unique sets.

Best Knitting Books | Knitters Inc. | LibraryThing

With all of the readily accessible, beautiful new yarns on the market, knitting great hats, caps, and mittens can become addictive! The author has also written Knit Christmas Stockings! Show off your individual style with these distinctive sweaters and accessories that you can personalize to fit your taste, climate and budget! The 18 gorgeous patterns presented in Knit It Your Way offer innovative, easy ways to substitute your favorite yarns in the same pattern to achieve strikingly different results.

Once you learn these simple techniques for substituting your choice of yarns, you'll see how easy it is to add maximum flexibility to your knitting. For example, you can create a warm-as-toast wool vest for winter and a cool cotton vest for summer - and use the same vest pattern to knit both! Learn how to make your own yarn and design choices with 18 luxurious knitwear designs, such as an Inca Jewel pullover, cozy cable-knit cardigan and breezy short-sleeved pullover, plus beautiful scarves, socks and purses.

The book includes classic knitting patterns, from cable and Cat's Eye's shapes to elaborate intertwining and eyelet designs. The author also provides ample advice on choosing the right yarns. Whether you're looking to meet your personal warmth factor, your favorite fiber factor, or even your budget factor, you'll find ideas galore for creating unique, fashionable sweaters and accessories that showcase your individual style. All are wonderfully modeled by the author in beautiful colour photographs and include full knitting and construction details, recommended knitting skill level and finished dimensiobkans.

From cool to cozy, casual to dressy, you'll love these surefire techniques for showcasing your style! If you can knit a rectangle, you can knit a kimono! The kimono is recognized worldwide as an icon of Japanese culture that has endured for centuries. The classic boxy shape remains popular, due in large part, to its flattering fit and drape on every body type. This book provides 18 original designs, each reflecting a style or feature of traditional kimono. The styles and shapes run the gamut from short to long, rectangle sleeves to shaped, casual to dressy, straight or overlapping front opening, with sleeves or without.

Although the projects may look difficult, they're based on simple rectangles that require very little shaping on the knitter's part. Kimono are ideal first-garment projects for knitters wanting to venture beyond scarves; experienced knitters will appreciate the flattering drape and the author's careful attention to detail in constructions, stitch patterns, edgings and closures. Knitting is. Hipsters in their 20s and 30s have taken up their needles in search of relaxation and simple pleasures.

They call it the new yoga. Knitting is in. Julia Roberts knits, high schoolers are knitting in the cafeteria, urbanites are knitting on the subway, college students are knitting in the dorms, and bookstores are sponsoring knitting groups. Colorful new yarns, the availability of simple patterns, gift giving, stress relief, a return to simpler hobbies - all are reasons for picking up knitting needles and getting started on a great project.

Though knitting is growing in popularity, knitters still want projects that are fast and easy, but ultimately useful and attractive. Mittens are just right for this purpose! The book begins with an easy-to-understand, illustrated overview of the basic techniques followed by 15 fun project patterns with instructions for a range of sizes bound between sturdy, mitten shaped covers.

Each pattern includes: a close-to-life-size color photo of the completed mitten or hat; a brief introduction to the pattern; materials and equipment lists; gauge information; a color chart; special tips and hints; and a detailed drawing of any unusual techniques involved. This book is part of a two book set that also includes Knit Hats!

One Stitch - Many Fabrics! The bright idea behind Knit One Below is to build an entire collection around one simple stitch that creates many intriguing effects. Shown in knitting instructions as "k1b" knit 1 below , the technique involves knitting into the stitch one row below the stitch on the needle with either a knit or a purl stitch. When worked in alternate rows of two colors or two yarns, columns of color appear on one side of the fabric and a mysterious integrated mix on the other.

The result is an easy-to-knit fabric with wonderful drape and flexibility that looks equally good on both sides. The color effects possible are also impressive: by alternating two or more colors, weights, or fibers, flattering vertical columns appear on one side of the fabric and a mottled pattern shows on the other. Making the most of this double-sided characteristic, the projects include afghans, scarves, bags, jackets with turned-back lapels, and hats with turned-up brims, all constructed from simple shapes and requiring minimal finishing.

Although many are easy enough for new knitters, some projects go beyond the basic stitch, adding cables, felting for bags, working color in intarsia fashion, and swirling the columns into socks and hats. In addition to her clean, European sense of design, Elise brings solid knitting skills to finding just the right way to seam a shoulder or add a closure. These innovative details hold the interest even of experienced knitters.

With this wonderful new knitting technique, you can create beautiful accessories. The process couldn't be simpler: wool yarn, simple stitches, and large needles guarantee quick success for knitters of all levels. Then throw the knitting piece in the washer and watch the magic begin.

The results are spectacular-thick furry, irresistable felt! Knit One, Felt Too provides 25 stylish patterns from a chic evening bag with glitz to adorable Fuzzy Toddler slippers, a warm classic cloche to novelty yarn pillows. The instructions are presented in quick-reference chart format, adding to the simplicity. If you're looking for a fresh, fun twist on basic knitting, Knit One Felt Too is sure to please you.

Looking for a magic yarn? Try self-striping yarn - and watch the fibers perform knitting miracles! This incredible variety of projects is specially designed for striped yarns. See amazing colors and patterns show up naturally as you knit. The book is packed with 27 projects for self-striping yarns, most easy enough for novice knitters.

The reader can choose from sweaters, skirts, socks, mitts, slippers, scarves, hats, bags, and more. The book includes a variety of projects at different skill levels so inexperienced knitters can start with horizontally and vertically knit designs, then move on to diagonal, mitered, modular, and circular techniques. This collection of knit sweaters was specifically designed with real women, sized 14 to 4X, in mind. The author has done extensive research in sizing knit garments to fit actual women and in understanding the types of styles they want to wear. Kathleen Power Johnson has a knack for including interesting details and classic shaping techniques that contribute to the wearer's sense of fashion and confidence.

Full instructions for each pattern in 4 different sizes are included along with a colour photograph of each finished design. Put down those chunky yarns and fat needles and discover the creative possibilities of thin yarns. Think thin yarns are slow and boring to knit with?

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Think again! This information-packed book features more than twenty stylish and contemporary projects knit with lightweight yarns. Thin is in! Lightweight yarns have a bad reputation: slow to knit with, unfashionable, limited to socks and lace, and fussy to deal with. Give those skinny yarns another look! Projects knit with thin yarns can range from quick, easy, and daring to bold, elaborate, refined, and sophisticated. Perfect for all skill levels, the projects in Knit So Fine show that garments knitted with thin yarns fit more precisely, are more flattering to the figure, feel better against the skin, are great for layering, and offer more versatility for fashion elements like ruching, ruffles, gauzy layers, and drape.

Knit So Fine educates knitters about fine yarns: what they are, the many advantages of knitting with fine yarns, plus tips and techniques to make the knitting process more enjoyable. Knitters will also find stylish and contemporary patterns, including a drapy silk top, a supple zippered cable hoodie, a bamboo skirt with stunning drape, a bohus-inspired pullover, a wrap dress, a ruffled scarf, and much more!

Discover the versatility of knitting with fine yarns, from quick knits and small projects to long-term projects that are worth the wait, with Knit So Fine. This nativity scene contains Joseph and Mary, the babe in the manger, the three wise kings, shepherds and animals. The difference is that they are all knitted figures designed to be made as a family project. Knitting skills vary from very little to quite a bit, but there are even things non-knitting children can do, such as helping make up the manger.

Full directions and diagrams are provided and all the figures are illustrated in full colour. The author's other books include: Have You Any Wool? Join the domino craze with Knit to Be Square! Vivian Hoxbro shows you how to combine modular squares into blocks of varying sizes that become the base for a variety of eye-catching two- and three-dimensional projects. Combine these geometric patterns with felting and you get gorgeous results!

Knit to Be Square includes: Easy-to-Knit patterns for hats, bags, scarves, pillows, slippers, capelets, afghans, and more, Quick-to-knit patterns made of small squares that take relatively few stitches to finish, a collection of Ideal patterns for using up your stash plus Easy washing machine felting tips for wool. In addition the author has included an impressively sized afghan which shows the reader how mitered squares can be used to get a patchwork effect similar to traditional quilts.

But be prepared - this is an addictive form of knitting! One square leads to another, which leads to another, which leads to another Other books by the author include: Domino Knitting and Shadow Knitting. Sixty-five million years ago they roamed the earth. Now they're back - as you have never seen them before. Yes - dinosaurs are here, but this time they're big, soft and cuddly and knit in wild colours. Knit your own Tyrannosaurus Rex, or Triceratops, or Pterodactyl. There is even a dinosaur egg to knit, complete with a dinosaur hatchling.

You can knit them in the bright wacky colours shown in the book, or in more lifelike tones. Whatever your choice, these cute monsters will be favorites with young and old. Colour photographs of each of the six dinosaur designs in the book are included along with a full set of instructions for each including pictures showing sewing instructions. Beginning knitters: graduation day has come!

We've all made countless scarves-in fact, it's likely you chose one as your first knitting project. But once you've mastered the knit and purl stitch and you're looking for something more, what are your options? Too many books just repeat the same group of basics, while others set the goal too high for anyone who's not a whiz with the needles.

Innovative Knitovation solves the problem, showing just how easy it can be to create something sensational while gaining proficiency at the same time. In Knitovation , Barry Klein and Fayla Reiss demonstrate how easy it is to knit something sensational out of three simple shapes: a square, a rectangle and a triangle. From a classy shawl and matching skirt, to a colorful pillow, the projects in Knitovation demonstrate how simple stitch techniques and innovative yarn can yield endless possibilities.

These are high-end, sophisticated fashions, with slightly more advanced skills. At the start of each design, drawings show every piece that goes into the final product; then, there are unique techniques for putting them together for a finished item that fits beautifully and looks great. Whether you are a beginning knitter or more experienced, you will be sure to find inspiration in the book's range of classic and contemporary styles.

Each design is accompanied by full color photography and clear, concise instructions. Chapter sections also are devoted to the basics of knitting and caring for your garments. Whatever your skill level, Knitovation's sophisticated collection of fashion garments and home accessories will give you new, gorgeous knitting projects for every occasion and season. Acclaimed knitwear designer Nicky Epstein creates 75 one-of-a-kind hand-knit garments in this unique volume of knits for Barbie doll and her companions.

From sophisticated, classic fashions to casual weekend looks, there's something to suit every style and occasion. The book includes designs for wedding gowns and bridesmaids ensembles, glamorous evening attire, claasic cardigans and pullovers, ponchos, shawls, bags and other accessories, as well as sporty styles for skiing, tennis, swimming and more. Each exquisitely worked outfit is accompanied by easy, clear instructions, and is suitable for knitters of every experience level.

Everything you need to create a dream wardrobe for America's favorite fashion doll. Knitters and collectors alike will cherish this special collection of Barbie fashions. Little ones will love wearing outfits that match what their teddy bear wears! If knitters know a child with a favorite teddy-bear friend, they'll be inspired to create something special for them both.

This book includes fifteen projects fit babies and children up to age three. The adorable designs include a pullover, jacket, hat and scarf set, and duffle coat. As well as keeping the child warm, the book's instructions allow the reader to adapt coordinating teddy-bear wearables to a range of bear sizes. The author of this book has also written Country Knits with Debbie Bliss. For more than a decade, Koigu Wool Designs has supplied top-quality handpainted merino yarn and exquisite knitting designs to consumers across North America.

Its unique, rich palette, as glorious as a painter's has ignited a passion for color and quality in the knitting world. How is it that such vibrant energy emanates from a quiet, secluded Canadian farm? The creative spirit often flourishes in peaceful surroundings, and that is exactly what happened to Maie and Taiu Landra - two exceptional women who have fashioned a whole life from their musings, experiments and discoveries with color and design.

This mother-daughter team has won a loyal and passionate following in the worlds of knitting and fashion, both for the old-world craftmanship of their yarn and the colorful brilliance of their knit creations. The patterns in Knits from a Painter's Palette open the door to the endless world of possibilities that exist with beautifully handpainted Koigu yarn.

Patterns include Maie Landra's original Koigu "Oriental Jacket", the colorful "Carousel Tunic", and the legendary "Charlotte's Web Shawl" with its simple yet gorgeous lace pattern and interchanging colorways. This book is a glorious burst of colour and a must for every Koigu fan. Detailed instructions, beautiful full-color photography, and helpful tips from the author accompany each design.

This is the book knitters everywhere have been waiting for! The wait is finally over for new lace designs from popular author Carol Rasmussen Noble! Now she's joined by renowned Shetland Island lace expert Margaret Leask Peterson, and together they make lace knitting pure joy. This collection is worked exclusively in lace-weight and fine yarns in a palette that includes gorgeous jewel tones as well as neutrals.

Knitters will find a variety of projects, including shawls, stoles, scarves, and triangles. Along with the patterns for 16 projects, the authors share a wealth of lace-making knowledge and techniques gained over decades of plying their needles. This book is a must have for lace knitters! This fascinating technique combines knitting and weaving. Using the process, you can knit colourful garments without lots of bobbins or floats across the back of the work.

You do this by dropping stitches and then needleweaving on the "ladder" created by the dropped stitches. In this technique, the pieces are knitted as rectangles and then cut and sewn together. You'll learn the basic knit-weave process as you practice on a small swatch. You will also learn how to plan and design a garment using this process, which is a little different than just knitting because dropped stitches add width to the knitted piece! Then it's on to garment construction and finishing tips.


As the only prerequisite, basic Knitting skills are required and you should know how to cast-on, bind-off, knit stockinette stitch and pick up stitches along a knitted edge. For materials, you will need a skein of yarn and a pair of size 8 knitting needles to make a practice swatch as well as access to a sewing machine. This beautiful collection of 26 delightful toys includes everything from cute and cuddly animals such as a penguin or a lion to well loved characters, such as a pirate, a mermaid and a princess. With easy-to-follow patterns that use both knitting and felted knitting, there is something for every skill level.

Each babe has her own fabulous wardrobe of handknit and handsewn trendy clothes like hats, blouses, boots, purses, skirts, hoodies, tutus, slippers, and sweaters. The wardrobes are organized to reflect indivudual personalities, from sun-sand-and-surf Dot Pebbles to Western-rodeo-rider Rudy Ranch, but you can mix and match them to create new personalities.

In this truly simple and easy-to-use pattern book, all you need to know is how to knit and purl. The practical knitting and sewing know-how section illustrates the simple stitches needed to whip these dolls up. Supplies are minimal, too: Yarn and thread, knitting and sewing needles, and fabric scraps are all you'll need to create dozens of funky and fashionable accessories. Included are sewing templates to photocopy and use, along with advice on washing and caring for these fun-to-make-and-play-with dolls. The author has combined 5 Teddy Bear designs with 6 Doll patterns to produce a wonderful guide to help you populate your child's or your own world with these magical creations.

Full instructions for each are included along with general instructions and details on any specific stitches needed for some designs. All are shown in full colour photographs as well as in black and white. Knit yourself a farm and then popultae it with farmers, horses, dogs, barns, sheep, hens, cows pigs and plants! The classic knitting book by Hannelore Weinhard and illustrated and edited by Jan Messent, is back in a hardcover version. This book is for the experienced knitter who enjoys a challenge filled with fun. The knitted farmyard is created out of a mixture of knitting and crochet, although all the main pieces are knitted.

The base is the size of a small rug, and would be ideal for a child's room, especially with the family figures and farm-animals which live on it in their buildings. Although it is quite a large task to make everything on the farm, the quantities of materials needed are quite small. Odd pieces of knitting yarns, rug-canvas and embroidery threads, padding and pipe-cleaners are the main components.

The animals in the overall scene are as follows: 2 cows; 2 ponies; 1 mule; 1 donkey; 3 pigs; several chickens and ducks; a dog; 3 sheep. The people in the scene are as follows: The farmer and his wife; mother, father, a boy and a girl. The buildings shown are as follows: 1 church; 1 shed; 1 barn; 2 houses. Nicky Epstein is a "rock star" of knitting who has earned nationwide recognition for her innovative and distinctive work. Her books Knitting on the Edge and Knitting Over the Edge are both bestsellers, and her many collections of Barbie Doll knitwear have proven enormously popular.

Knitted flowers have long been used to adorn garments, either as accents or as the focus of a knitted piece. In this book you will find a flower for every mood from romantic roses, to cheerful sunflowers and petite flower buds. Interspersed with the flowers are instructions for garments and home accessories that benefit from a floral touch. Each flower is accompanied by gorgeous photographs, clear instructions and a list of materials.

Adorn your flowers with feathers or beads, or simply let them bask in their own simple grace. In this book, Nicky knits up a garden of colorful and whimsical flowers to adorn clothes, shoes, pillows, bags-almost anything at all. These pretty blossoms range from ruffled roses to lazy daisies, from single blooms to complete bouquets, from layered petal varieties to scalloped and corkscrew styles.

Some are made of soft, sensuous felt; others showcase sparkling, eye-catching gold lame. With Epstein's detailed instructions and the breathtaking images, knitters will find completing these projects a pleasure. This is no ordinary knitting book.

Its very theme, Knitted Gardens , opens up endless creative possibilities and will appeal to those who wish to explore and experiment. Jan Messent, famous for her imaginative designs, produces hundreds of projects that are both functional and decorative such as bedspreads, wall hangings and pillows, to mention just a few. There are also full instructions for delightful three-dimensional gardens: a Victorian kitchen garden; a friary garden and a row of cottage gardens, complete with wildlife, flowers, shrubs and trees.

In the first chapter "Helpful Hints", the author provides the reader with some insights into the materials and techniques they will need to consider in knitting the projects described in the book. Subjects like: variations in yarn size, colour and knitting direction, working with a group of knitters and sewing up the knitted components are covered before moving on to the projects themselves in a chapter called "Planning your Garden".

The next chapter, "Building up your Garden" provides detailed instructions on building the 3-dimensional objects in the projects such as the Greenhouse and Cold Frame in the "Friary Gardens" as well as fences, fountains, plant pots and many other detailed designs. In "Planting your Garden", tree, hedge, bush and shrub construction is covered along with some very interesting vegetable and flower designs.

The second last chapter "Populating your Garden" provides instructions on how to knit the people, children, animals and birds that will find refuge in your construction. A final chapter called "Knitting Know-how" provides a guide to the stitches required through the book and provides a table of abbreviations. Through the book the author suggests how all or components of the projects can be turned into gifts, displays and other useful objects. This book will fascinate knitters and non-knitters alike and even the most experienced knitters will find themselves studying the patterns and pictures to find out "how she did that"!

Knitted Gifts offers more than 30 projects for every gift-giving occasion.

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Designs include garments and accessories for the entire family as well as gifts for four-legged friends and the home. Knitted Gifts unusual and inspired projects range from beautiful hats, bags, scarves, socks, mittens, and gloves to unique gifts such as a felted oven mitt, napkin rings, baby blocks, a hobby hourse, a catnip mouse, a car-seat-friendly baby bunting, floral ballet shoes, and much, much more.

Knitted Gifts focuses on smaller projects that can be created in a relatively short period of time - perfect for those last-minute gifts. But, there are also a few heirloom-quality masterpieces for those knitters that want to give something extra special to loved ones. Projects range from easy-to-knit to more involved - an ideal book for all levels. This lace pattern book, a follow up to the author's Art of Lace Knitting , features twenty beautiful knitted lace patterns; many of them very old, out-of-print works.

They have been reproduced in this book with some of the instructions edited for clarity. We owe a real debt of gratitude to the skills and artistry of the lace knitters before us who created these works of art. Each pattern is shown in a black and white photograph accompanied by a full set of instructions.

Although this is not a lace knitting instruction book, the author does provide information on materials, tools and finishing. The author has put together another set of lace centrepieces from the patterns she has collected over the years. These rescued and revamped creations of the past are brought back to life with instructions proofed by the author. This is the follow-up to her book Knitted Heirloom Lace II and includes full instructions for 21 designs.